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Okay lets say I am now in a double battle.I have a Walrein lv 64 and a metagross lv 65.My walrein is 10 exp.points away for the next level and my metagross is about a 1500 exp.points away to its next level.The oppenent has a Gurdurr and a Palpitoad both lv.65.My walrein is slow.I command walrein to use ice beam on palpitoad and metagross to use meteor mash on gurdurr.Metagross used meteor mash and gurdurr has fainted.Walrein and metagross both gained 1000 exp.points.Walrein is now level 65.It has a choice whether it wants to learn sheer cold.If I forget ice beam for sheer cold then what move will walrein use on palpitoad since ice beam is forgotton and has not been used on palpitoad?

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Ah, my sister asked the exact same thing but in a different situation; Walrein would forget Ice Beam and learn Sheer Cold without fail. As it's attack, Game Freak caught on, and in this situation Walrein would use Sheer Cold on the target.

So, if a selected move is forgotten, the Pokemon will use the move it was replaced by.

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