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Whenever I use sheer cold with my Lapras, it says, "--- is unnaffected," . What's the big whoop?


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Accuracy = [(level of user-level of target) + 30]%. Sheer Cold ignores all changes to accuracy and evasion stats.

Sheer Cold only has a 30% chance of succeeding if your Pokemon is the same level as your opponent. In order to have 100% succession rate, your Pokemon needs to be 70 levels above your opponent.

Sheer Cold

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Sheer Cold and other ohko moves dont affect Pokemon that are higher leveled and this comes up when you use a ohko move on a Pokemon of a higher level. So in order for sheer cold to work, you must use it on a Pokemon of equal or lower level.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/OHKO

Lol I was going to answer but the reason was just sitting there at the edge of my mind :P