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So I'm hoping to try out the Pomeg Berry glitch in Emerald, which according to my rough calculations, requires no remainder for the EVs in order for base HP to decrease by 2. I decided to EV train my Tropius in Rusturf Tunnel on some Whismur. From my calculations my level 46 Tropius would require maybe 8-9 EVs for 1 stat point. However, I defeated a total of 16 Whismur and Tropius's base HP never rose. I tried this with my level 51 Glalie, which should require 8 EVs for one stat point, and I used a Pomeg Berry before the training, bringing its base HP from 152 to 151 (it must have had a remainder). From my research a Pomeg Berry decreases the EVs by 10 and Whismur gives 1 EV in HP. However, I defeated 15 Whismur and the base HP was still 151! Are my calculations incorrect? Am I doing something wrong? Or is my game not working properly?



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in generation three stat calculations only occur when your Pokemon levels up or when you use a stat increasing or decreasing item.


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Thank you very much!  That being said, is there any way I can check what the EVs of my Pokemon are and when a Pomeg berry will decrease the stat by 2 other than reverse engineering with HP Ups?  I don't have too much money, but I suppose I can do something similar.