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So I was wondering, if I had a Charizard with inferno and the opponent had a Sandshrew with the ability sand veil;

  • Charizard was paralyzed, confused and infatuated
  • Charizard had 6 accuracy decreases and sandshrew had 6 evasion increases
  • Charizard has the ability hustle (don't ask)
  • Sandstorm is up and the sandshrew has sand veil
  • Sandshrew holds bright powder
  • Sandslash attacks first and uses rock slide

What is the chance of Charizard hitting inferno?!

Was there anything I missed out on that could further decrease accuracy?

lol inferno by itself is already stupidly inaccurate :P
Well for starters, Hustle won't affect it at all because it's a special move.

Calcing it now.

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You would have about a 0.48239296875% chance to hit Inferno in this case.
I didn't count the Hustle decrease because it only affects physical moves.


50(Inferno's acc.) 0.75(Paralysis) = 37,5%
0.5(confusion) = 18,75
18,75 0.5(infatuation) = 9,375
0.75(sand veil) = 7,03125
7,03125 0.9 (bright powder)= 6,328125
0.70(rock slide) = 4,4296875
4,4296875 0.33(evasion) = 1,461796875
0.33(accuracy)= 0,48239296875

Hope I helped.

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gg, i wonder if it had used dynamic punch instead of inferno (hustle getting taken into account), the numbers would have been simply hilarious.
In that case the chance to hit would be around 0,385914375 :] (just multiply 0,48239296875 by 0.8)
It would just die for rock slide
Assuming it doesn't die, of course.
What if the move was guillotine and sandshrew was 29 levels higher than charizard?
lol u can't hit it at all (0% chance) if it's even a level higher
Yes it can, it only fails if the opponent is 30 level or more stronger than you. Look it up.
I've done a personal playthrogh, and whenever a wild sandslash decides to use guillotine on me (even when i'm about three levels higher) the game give a message - "It doesn't effect *pokemon name*..."