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Take this. When I used to use Victini, she always had critical hit after critical hit and never missed, and all of my other Pokemon did because of victory star.

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No. A critical hit is unrelated to accuracy. You just got lucky with critical hits!

There are also various moves and items that increase critical hits, maybe you used one of them. See this question for more details: How high is a high critical hit ratio?

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TECHNICALLY, accuracy does affect Critical hits!
You must be able to hit the foe in the first place in order to inflict a critical hit, but if you miss, there will be no chance at a critical hit.
So if Glaceon used Blizzard with a 70 accuracy, there would be a 70% chance of success and a 30% chance of missing.
- Within that 70% chance of success, there is a ?%* chance of a critical hit!
- Within the 30% chance of missing is a 0% chance of a critical hit.

Basically, the higher the accuracy, the higher chance of getting a chance at a critical hit.
But reality wise, yeah, accuracy does not affect critical hits at all. ~

*The critical chance rate varies, but at its first stage (with nothing modifying the critical chance) will be 6.25% chance of a critical hit.