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In the old games(Red, Yellow, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Crystal) a high critical hit ration attack was ALWAYS a critical hit. Now it seems that a high critical hit ratio isn't a high critical hit ratio at all but the same critical hit ratio as a regular attack. What is the percent chance of a High critical hit ratio of being a critical hit? I would also like to know what the regular chance of a critical hit ratio for a regular attack(not a high-critical hit ratio attack).


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First you must know the stages of critical. There are 5 stages and each stage increases your percentage of chance of landing a critical.

Stage 1: 6.25% (1/16)
Stage 2: 12.5% (1/8)
Stage 3: 25% (1/4)
Stage 4: 33.3% (1/3)
Stage 5: 50% (1/2)

When you use a move that has a high critical hit ratio it increases your chance by 1 stage. So for example you use a normal move you will have a 6.25% chance of landing a critical but if you use a high critical move your ratio will increase to 12.5%.

Here's some ways to increase your critical ratio.

There are 14 moves that increase your ratio and these are:
Aeroblast, Air Cutter, Attack Order, Cross Chop, Cross Poison, Leaf Blade,
Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Razor Leaf, Shadow Claw, Slash, Spacial Rend, Stone edge and Focus Energy (focus energy raises your critical ratio by 1 stage only for 1 turn).

There are also 4 hold items that increase your critical ratio:
Razor Claw
Scope Lens
Lucky Punch (exclusive to Chansey)
Stick (exclusive to Farfetch'd)

There is an ability that doubles your crit ratio, Super Luck. For example your crit stage is on 2 because of super luck it increases it to stage 4.

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It startes as 6.25. I think that when it says that it means your critical hit ratio gets higher. There is four levels that you have to move it thourgh. It goes up a level with every thing you use to power up your critical hit. The most you can get up to is 50%.