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Taking into account Evasion and Accuracy.

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That's the formula.

Each move has a certain percent. flamethrower for instance has 100%. That's what the A base represents.

Accuracy is how many stages raised or lowered on the attacking pokemon, and evasion is the same, but for the defending pokemon.

flamethrower 100 acc. 100*1=100%. no calculation for that.

Flamethrower with 1 stage of lowered accuracy.

-1 stage= 1*.75=75% chance

Thunder with 1 stage of lowered accuracy.

.75* .70=0.525= 52.5% chance.

the evasion/accuracy chart is as follows:

Stage -6: (3/9) 33.3%

Stage -5: (3/8) 37.5%

Stage -4: (3/7) 43%

Stage -3: (3/6) 50%

Stage -2: (3/5) 60%

Stage -1: (3/4) 75%

Stage 0: (3/3) 100%

Stage 1: (4/3) 133.33%

Stage 2: (5/3) 166.67%

Stage 3: (6/3) 200%

Stage 4: (7/3) 233.33%

Stage 5: (8/3) 266.67%

Stage 6: (9/3) 300%

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Ok, I have a question. Are accuracy increases from abilities calculated the same way? For instance, what if a galvantula with compoundeyes uses thunder. Would the equation be 70 x 1.30? or would it be something like 70 + 30?
Question how would you calculate a move that has 100% accuracy while the user has -1 acc and the target has +1 evasion?
While handling evasion and accuracy boosts, stages are always added while percentages are always multiplied.

@Electro11 Compound Eyes increases the accuracy stat by a factor of 1.3. Since it straight up affects the chances of hitting, we multiply 1.3 by the original accuracy of the move to get the final chances of hitting. So, 1.3*70%=90% accurate Thunder.

@Pokeman26 Since stages are added, the net stage change in your case will be -2. So you'll have to multiply the accuracy of the move you're using with 0.6 (which are the chances of hitting a move at -2 stage, as 60%=0.6) to get your final chances of hitting the move. For example, if you're using Stone Edge in your case, then it will be 0.6*80%=48% accurate.
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Each move has a base acc percent. eg S-edge has an 80% chance of hitting at base acc. E-quake a 100% chance. double team and sand attack boost evaision and lower accuracy by 25% per use respectively. No Guard gives all moves <><> or infinite accuracy meaning all moves hit unless they are immune or use protect/detect. Moves like lock-on, and mind reader give a one turn No-guard effect. Moves like Faint attack and Aura sphere have <><> acc but can't hit pokemon using moves like dig/fly/dive.

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Evasion uses a different system of stat boosts than the other stats. They don't boost by 50% per use.
right sorry
It isn't 25% either. the changes are the stages on my answer.