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Here is the formula for Evasion anad the likeliness of hitting a Pokemon:

enter image description here

A = is the base accuracy of the move (in percent - e.g. a base accuracy of 95 is counted as 0.95)
Accuracy = The amount of boost/fall the accuracy of the move has at that moment (in percent - e.g. 3 boosts in accuracy make the value 2)
Evasion = The amount of evasion boosts the Pokemon has got (in percent - e.g. lowering evasion by two stages lowers this number to 0.6)

I took the move to be 100% accurate, and has no accuracy boosts.

So after doing the math, here's what I got:

#33.33% chance of hitting.


Hope I helped!

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1. it is not complicated. 2. You can just read the BIG BOLD bit if you think this. 3. Qwerty explains that this if the accuracy of the move is 100%. 4. Qwerty gives the formula for calculating the probability of being hit if the accuracy isn't 100%.

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#33.3% with a 100% accuracy move.
Otherwise, it is 1/3 of the move's accuracy.


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33% of the original chance, that is.
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You might want to add that it is 1/3 of the accuracy of a move as you are suggesting that it is always 33%.