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what I want to know:
How much it decreases the chances of being hit
All the moves that raise it
All the Pokemon that learn those moves
Any other interesting evasion info

thanks ;)


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Like any other stat, Evasion has 6 stages.
0 = 100%
1 = 75%
2 = 60%
3 = 50%
4 = 42.85%
5 = 37.5%
6 = 33%

So if you used it once, a move that has 100% accuracy would now hit you with a 75% accuracy.

Sadly, there are 3 moves that raise evasion.
Double Team
Acupressure(raises a random stat)

Also be careful because stomp and steamroller do 2x against minimize. Double team is your best chance.

So many Pokemon can learn Double team by tm, so check Here

Interesting facts:

I once Battled Agatha in Fire Red with only Venusaur with Frenzy Plant Left. Her Gengar(last Pokemon) had used Double Team 6 times, and after using a missed Frenzy Plant 4 times, my 5th finally hit it. It was a lethal Battle.

A ground ghost type would be nice with double team to resist shock wave/swift(moves that never miss)

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interesting last point... does Golurk learn Double Team?
It does indeed. You could have easily looked that upon the Pokedex part of this website, though...
I was on mobile and t'was busy.
In X, I used Iron Fist Golurk with Spook plate and Shadow Punch. I think the percentage with a Baton Pass Swords Dance was 600% damage. No double team needed.