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One time when I used Ancient Power, it rose all of my stats except Accuracy and Evasion. But there are moves that raise those stats (Coil/Hone Claws and Double Team), so why wouldn't Accuracy and Evasion raised by Ancient Power, when it raises all stats?

I've asked this before...

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Because Accuracy and Evasion are set stats, that can only be raised and lowered above the average by moves intending to do so.

But mainly, Gamefreak would look at that as them being obviously over powered, but Ancient Power only increases your stats that you use consistantly, you don't have an Accuracy stat, Moves like Hone Claws and Coil increase the accuracy for your moves.

You can also notice, that no moves Raise Accuracy or Evasion as a secondary effect, it's a bit of a Gamefreak thing.

But in all, Accuracy and Evasion, Aren't Stats They're already set and same for every pokemon, and are changed through moves like that, while also, It would make Ancient Power rather Overpowered

Ah, now I understand! Thanks J98!
Yep they just start at 100% in the same way you start with a basic critical hit rate (6%) and that gets raised/lowered by various things.