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I mean like you can raise and lower in battle them just like the other stats but you can't see a Pokemon's accuracy and evasion stats, they also don't have EVs and IVs, So do they count as stats ?


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Yes. They count as stats, but they are not part of a Pokémon's base stats. They're only active in-battle (and start out with their default value of 100%, until you raise or lower them).

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Accuracy and evasion are not main stats because they are the same for every Pokemon. Every Pokemon starts the battle with base accuracy and evasion, which let's just say is 100. Abilities and moves like sand attack and double Team can improve or worsen these "stats."

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In-battle stats
The evasion rate (Japanese: 回避率 evasion rate), or evasiveness, of a Pokémon determines its probability of avoiding other Pokémon's moves. The initial value at the start of any battle is 100%. If a Pokémon's evasiveness is reduced below 100% with a move such as Sweet Scent, other Pokémon will have a better chance of their moves hitting. If evasiveness is increased above 100% with a move such as Double Team, other Pokémon will have a harder time connecting their moves.

The accuracy rate (Japanese: 命中率 accuracy rate) or accuracy of a Pokémon determines its probability of hitting another Pokémon. The initial value at the start of any battle is 100%. Along with accuracy-raising moves and items, in Pokémon XD, the player can also raise a Pokémon's accuracy by one stage by using the call action, as long as the Pokémon is not asleep or in Reverse Mode (in which case removing the condition takes precedence over raising accuracy).


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I know what they do =I
My question is are they stats
Bulbapedia says they're "in-battle stats", and the other 6 are "permanent stats".
命中率 and 回避率 was actually from chinese, but never mind
Kanji Japanese is based on Chinese and uses a lot of the same characters.
Of course I know! I’m from china :)
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