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Such as mud-slap, flash, sand attack, etc.


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>Evasion Clause - A Pokemon may not have the moves Double Team or Minimize in its moveset. Generally, this rule will be automatically enforced in simulator play. In Wi-Fi play, a player is considered to have broken the clause when a Pokemon is revealed to have been brought into the battle with a banned move.



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'A player may not use a move which has the sole effect of raising Evasion, namely Double Team and Minimize. Originally created because Evasion was horribly broken in the first generation and continued through the second and third generations due to perceived, but untested, brokenness and opposition to luck. In more recent generations, it is generally used because players felt that strategies reliant on luck are undesirable rather than due to the banned moves being broken. In Generation 5, testing was conducted and a common consensus was reached that evasion moves were broken when used correctly, especially with Baton Pass. It currently applies in competitive battling in all generations.'-Pokemon Online's Wiki

There is nothing there about the moves you mentioned, because accuracy and evasion are not quite the same thing.

So basically, no.