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I really want a Sigilyph for the game (i have Pokemon black) but I can't seem to find one! I have done research and one of my conclusions is that because I have caught all of the other Pokemon - even the ones with the same catch rate as Sigilyph - they keep showing up. --That is right, right?-- But can you use the repel trick, (where you use a repel and weaker Pokemon don't show up/they are only the level of your leading Pokemon and up) is Sigilyph one of the Pokemon that shows up? I tried the trick where you use sweet sent, but the sandstorm just blows it away....
Also, what is the best pokeball to use on Sigilyph?
Are there any other tricks I could use?

Thanks for the helpful answer! i have looked in the 'main' area of the desert resort but i guess i'll just have to keep looking. it is good to know that i don't have to keep wasting repels and money now!!

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I find it very strange that you are unable to find Sigilyph in particular. Are you in the right area? Sigilyph cannot be found in the Entrance of the Desert Resort, but is rather found in the Desert part of the Desert Resort (i.e. the large area that is past the gate).

If you are in there, then there should be a 10% chance that you should find it. That's 1 in every 10 encounters, so it shouldn't be too impossible. The capture rates of the other Pokemon shouldn't affect that. The Repel trick wouldn't work either, as Sigilyph is only found strictly at Level 20, a level which all of the other Pokemon of the route can be found at. I'd say just to continue looking. They're there, deep in the bowels of the Desert Zone.

I don't have many good pointers on catching Sigilyph, but one of Sigilyph's abilities are Wonder Skin, which makes moves that only inflict status conditions work half the time, so keep that in mind (the other ability Sigilyph can have is Magic Guard, which only allows Sigilyph to take damage from direct attacks). Otherwise, use all the other conventional catching tips: weaken the Pokemon, use high capture rate balls, etc.

Good luck!

Hope I helped. :)

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