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Whenever he puts the game card in the slot the DSi XL doesn't think it's there (then we give it CPR [blowing in the slot]) and when it does work after CPR it freezes after about 5 minutes of gameplay. He never hacked or cheated on his game. What is wrong?

its it bought in europe and played in a american dsi XL because european games cant be played in american dsi my dad bought mario and dk mini land mayhem and only works in my ds lite not my dsi XL
He didn't buy it in Europe. He bought it in a USA gamestop.
Abuse or wear and tear can destroy it
europe and american dsi have different mecanism and dont work with other games like europe games dont work in american dsi but in ds work cause the ds have same mecanism and works with all games
Has he tried any other game cards to see if they work? Sometimes it's dust in the game card, so try blowing on the card to try and get the dust away.

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Most likely the Ds or game card
If you have not already done these things here is a list of things I did

  1. Check if the DSI does this to all the games: if so the DSI XL is at fault and a possibility for repair or new XL is likely
  2. If the Dsi XL does it to only white 2 its likely the game itself: Check for gunk in the back (when you were giving the game "CPR" you might have noticed some black stuff blocking the game cards wiring stuff) if so you may need to buy a new white 2.
  3. This is the best way to check if its just the game card: Test it in another DS or Dsi or DSI XL and if the card does not work in the other Ds you may have to do number 2's solution of replacing the game.
    These three are the ways I did in order to figure out what was wrong with my games or anyone elses and I hope that this helps.
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If this happens its the game card that was damaged or the DSI XL so it may be "aboose" or just plain short circuit (or the worst is aging when the game just stops working all together)
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Been researching this and it sounds like:

Game Card Aboose!!!

What has happened is that that Game Card hasn't been kept safe and has suffered any of the following:

  • Water Damage (Spilt Drinks)
  • Aboosed (Dropped, thrown, punched or kicked)
  • It was generally a faulty game card (Manufacturer aboose)

Hope this helps