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I don't really know but I only know pokeballs,

I'll edit when I find more... The clone ball was in mewtwo vs mew the first movie

Ash stopped all the havoc and ended up almost dying in a later part watch the movie youself If you wish

The dark ball was in celebi voice of the forest, dont get mixed with the dusk ball, The dark
ball is this, Also its affects, Makes Pokemon evil and at MAX level enter image description here Edit when I find more

Theres another ball looking similar to a normal pokeball in episode in hoenn battling the enemy within
It contained ho-oh and possesed ash, making him evil and forcing his 2 Pokemon sceptile and pikachu to battle even if they need a rest, Ash became evil and then became good at the end.enter image description here

Next is sam's pokeball another in celebi voice of the foest
enter image description here

since sam's from the past thats the past pokeball

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i have watched al of the movies...yes i havr noticed some other items like:dark balls (4th movie)and some older poke balls in the same movie...come on there are so many items..
Oh yeah, THE DARK BALL im stupid for forgetting that -_-
Im gonna edit BRB