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An Eviolite is an item that increases the Defence and Special Defence of a Pokemon by 1.5x. It only works on Pokemon that have another possible evolution, however. So, for example, Eviolite would have it's usual effect on a Dusclops, which can later evolve into Dusknor; however, it would have no effect on a Pokemon that is in it's final form, e.g. Electivire.

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wait, do I have to level up with it or does it just make my Pokemon`s stats shoot up without leveling?
No leveling up required. The boost is always there so long as the Pokemon holds the item and fits its requirements ;)
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This item, when attached to a Pokémon that is capable of evolving, will boost the Pokémon's Defense and Special Defense by 50%. Has no effect on Phione or any other Pokemon that is not capable of evolving. ~Smogon

Its used loads in competitive battling.

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Eviolite is a hold Item for Pokemon that can evolve. Pokemon that aren't fully evolved yet get a massive boost to their def and sp.def stats while holding the item. It's really good to use for an unevolved wall, or iv you're having trouble EV training due to low def or sp.def. However, the latter cuts out use of any of the Power items.

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