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I changed the date twice for some reason at the period that I was waiting for a Shelgon in the safari zone (on soul silver) so will the date change to when I'll get my Shelgon as I changed my date on the dsi twice. I started waiting for my Shelgon around 28th of February 2013 and putted the peak objects so does anyone know what date my Shelgon will appear.Oh I changed the date around April 2013.

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Put short, changing the clock / date on your DS does NOT make getting any of those Pokémon come sooner. I know, I've tried.
You can only get Shelgon after 70 real-life calendar days go by. Be sure to keep tabs on how long each section of the Safari Zone has been "active" on your calender. So go back to the Safari Zone on May 9th 2013 to try to catch a Shelgon.

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