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can some one explain how to use the block things in safari zone i want to get a hondoom (see in http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/johto/safarizone.shtml#hgss-swamp)

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The Johto Safari Zone is the most unique Safari Zone ever existing in the games. This Safari Zone has 12 areas, which you can customise at will. Only six areas are accessible at any one time, with you able to switch them around. As you progress through the Safari Zone, you can place blocks in the various areas which attract even more Pokémon to come. You get more blocks as you complete tasks set by the owner; Baoba. You can place up to 30 items in each of the six Safari Zone areas so use them wisely to get the desired outcome for the Pokémon you wish. You can then see if the items have lured any Pokémon in the tile customisation computer. These Pokémon are typically of higher levels than the normal Pokémon. As time goes on, Baoba will continue to call you to provide you with more items. If you leave the areas open for set amount of days, the Objects you place in each area level up so they count as more. Once they're levelled up, you can switch without worry. As the areas level up, the amount of Objects that you require for the Pokémon decreases. For example, houndoom requires 10 peak objects and then it will appear in the grass blocks in the plains.

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What you do is go to the machine after you get national dex in the zone building and switch the locks to change the terrain in different areas of the zone.

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