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Not that I intend to do this, just curious.


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It all depend on the Pokemon's stats. A negative nature will decrease the stat by 10%, and 4 EV's will raise a stat by 1 point. So it depends on the Pokemon's stat. So say your Pokemon has an adamant nature(+attack, - special attack), and before the drop your special attack is 300. 10% of 300 is 30 so 30 points will be taken away because of the nature making it 270. You would need 120 EV's to cancel out this drop in special attack because 4 EVs x 30 points = 120 EVs are needed to cancel out this drop. So it's different for each Pokemon so you cant tell.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nature

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You cannot tell.

Sure, you can just calculate it, but it's different for nearly every Pokemon, as nearly everyone has different base stats. Take these 2 stats: 200 Atk, 400 Atk.

With a negative nature, 200 Atk turns into 190, meaning 10 Atk, for 40 EVs are needed.
With a negative nature, 400 Atk turns into 360, meaning 40 Atk, for 160 EVs are needed.

It's different for each base stat, basically.

The formula for it would be:

(Stat 0.1) 4, rounded up the nearest whole number divisible by 4.