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Doubles teammates:
Gamblenana(tropius)@Starf berry
Nature:modest? Timid? Idk
EVs:yet to be decided
Solar beam
Air slash

Gamblenana for starf gambles. Paired with the second mon below,roost for healing sub,sub for getting to punch hp for starf, solar beam for stab and desolate land and air slash for a secondary stab.

Lithosfear(groudon)@red orb
Abilty:drought to desolate land
Fire punch
Rock slide
Brick break

Sun support for harvest, solar beam, and removing water, and to cover tropius's weaknesses, and in return It smashes them with solar beam.

So what natures and Ev spreads for these two?

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Singles or Doubles?
Doubles if you look to answer.

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I dunno if you want specialized EVs and such, but here are the EVs and Natures I would suggest:


252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Def
Timid Nature

Tropius has some pretty horrid defences and defensive typing, so you want to hit as fast and as hard as possible. Honestly, if you want a Harvest staller, Trevenant is better than Tropius both offensively and defensively, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Primal Groudon

248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SDef
Adamant Nature

Bulky Primal Groudon is bulky. He is meant to tank all of the things, then Precipice Blade all of the things. Adamant nature ensures maximum carnage.

His moveset also pains me. I'd like to make a few suggestions. First off, replace E-Quake with Precipice Blades. Despite its dodgy accuracy, Precipice Blades has superior power – which is important when factoring the 25% power drop of spread moves – and it won't hit your (non-flying) partner. Second, Protect should be used over Brick Break to avoid unwanted Earthquakes from the likes of Landorus and co. while Tropius Solar Beams them.

I hope this helps you break all the things!

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So should I scratch the tropius idea and use precipice blades? I wanted to do eq for accuracy but if trevenant is better ill use him, let me know if I should.
Or should I keep it and do groudon suggestions?
Trevenant is generally the best Harvester, unless in an extremely niche situation. Likewise, Precipice Blades is an awesome attack and P-Groudon is the only Pokémon who can make use of it.
So should I run a trevenant set with synthesis/sub/horn leech/phantom force? Pf is better in doubles because you can't tell who it's hitting.