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I played a match where my Braviary, which has defiant, used defog on a Corviknight, that had mirror armor, and it bounced the evasiveness drop on to Braviary which triggered defiant; boosting Braviary's attack. So I'm wondering if this would work in doubles, kinda like beat up+justified did. You would use defog, or snarl, or some weak damaging move that would lower a non-important stat that would be bounced on to the defiant (or other ability that would be affected by stats being lowered) boosting your other stats.

I presume so. I have an alt I could test this on.
unfortunately snarl doesnt effect teammates (still an interesting question, seeing how the mechanics behind the counter type moves are)

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Mirror armor will work, but defiant won't work if the stats were lowered by an ally.

So in doubles/triples Mirrior Armor also applies to teammates? Like if Corviknight was next to Charizard and Charizard was hit by screech Mirrior armor would activate?
I'm pretty sure mirror armor works only when another Pokemon tries to lower the ability user's stats. That other Pokemon can be an opponent or teammate.
Ah ok.