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Let's set the scenario: I'm in a Double Battle and I have Oranguru with Symbiosis and, let's say a Machamp, on the field. Oranguru is holding a Fightinium Z and Machamp is holding a Weakness Policy. Machamp consumes the Weakness Policy, but does the Fightinium Z get passed to Machamp? A very random example I know, but to put it simply can a Z-Crystal get passed to an ally Pokemon through Symbiosis?

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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Good question. I believe it does not work as I assimilate Z Crystals to Mega Stones but I didn't test to know for sure.
I am almost 100% sure it will fail, like how moves affect Mega Stones.

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Tried it (well, got someone else who has Moon to try it out), and it doesn't pass on Z-Crystals. The Z-Crystals are similar to Mega Stones in that it is basically impossible to interact with them, meaning abilities and moves won't effect them.