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Im looking for a some fun, neat Pokemon combos for double battles that I can use. Competitive wise too. Please include their Movesets, Ev's, ability's, etc. Im using Garchomp and Gardevoir in the mean time.


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Tricky to pull off...
Skill swap Wonder Guard off of Shedninja with a fast Pokémon. Next turn the fast Pokémon uses skill swap again on an Electric type with an Air Balloon. Invincible to all but a Mold Breaker.

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Why Eelektross? Why not a better electric Pokemon like Xurkitree?
Why not Eelektross? He's my favorite Electric-type.
Because Xurkitree and Raikou are much stronger, so if the opponent uses something like toxic, a Raikou or Xurkitree would defeat more of the opponents' Pokemon before it succumbed to the poison.
Aw yes, I was stuck in there mindset of "Eelectross is invincible"
By the way, it can also be defeated by forced switching, which is very common.
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A fun gimmick can be use a trick room team and frost breath araquanid to garanteed crit on crabominable with anger point to bring it at +6 attack losing less than 10 hp, quiver dance pheromosa+oricorio (self explanatory), z-conversion porygon-z+tapu koko(if you want to change porygon in electric type) or tapu lele(if you want to change porygon in psychic type), in trick room you can use milotic paired with gigalith with weakness policy and use bulldoze with milotic activating wp on gigalith and slowing it down even more, while dealing relatively no damage. if you are imaginative enough you can pull off good strategies while having lots of fun! Just take your time and imagine what pokémon do you want to build around and this combos complete themselves.

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I really like to have togedemaru with lightning rod with gyarados

ability: lightning rod
252 EV speed, 252 EV hp, 6 EV attack
nature: joly
moveset: zing zap, encore, nuzzle, spiky shield
item: air balloon

ability: intimidate
252 EV HP, 252 EV attack, 6 EV speed
nature: adamant
moveset: dragon dance, aqua tail, crunch, rain dance
item: leftovers

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I feel this would be pretty fun: A Soak Shedinja and Seaking w/lightningrod combo
But, the Seaking must have soak to use on Shedinja, making it only weak to Grass and Electric.
Luckily, w/Seaking's lightning rod (HA) ability, both would be weak to Grass.

That actually a pretty nasty duo... I LIKE IT XD
It's stopped to easily by entry hazards.
But, if there are no entry hazards, it would be unstoppable. I do hope you agree.
It could also be stopped by weather damage, status ailments, and a super effective attack used before Seaking uses soak. I don't agree.
...Nor status ailments, weather damage..
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How about an invincible Arcanine combo w/Shedinja (must have Mimic), an Entrainment Pokémon, and a Arcanine. Your Entrainment Pokémon entrains a Pokémon other than your Shedinja. Have Shedinja mimic the entrainment, so it has the move. Switch your Entrainment Pokémon out for Arcanine and have it use Burn-Up, making it lose it Fire typing (or otherwise, typeless). Have Shedinja entrain its Wonder Guard onto Arcanine. Now, you have a totally invincible Arcanine. The only things that it will take damage from are entry hazards, like Spikes, status conditions, like Burn or Poisoning, and weather-related damage, like Hail or Sandstorm.

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aegislash and ribombee
Aegislash tanks ribombee heals w pollon puff
Thats it...

It's okay....but, I would do this with a single Pokémon, a defensive one that also heals itself.