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I'm not talking about solarbeam/sunnyday earthquake/levitate wondertomb stuff that everyone knows about. I''m talking about stuff like Beat up/justified Anger Point/Mountain throw kinda stuff. Any suggestions (pokes moves abilities etc) or pokes that have great synergy (gastrona, magnemence, etc) are appriciated!! THANKS

But everybody knows about Beat Up/Justified and Anger Point/Frost Breath also...
I meant that they are more common. Ive seen. Solarbea,/sunnyday and others a lot, but i just saw the beatup/justified one about a week ago
I have almost no experience in double battles, but these ideas look interesting.
First, you need an own tempo Lickilicky with choice band and max physical attack and a wide lens prankster Thundurus. Thundurus uses swagger and doubles Lickilicky's physical attack and Lickilicky uses a STAB explosion.
My second pair involves a Slowbro with trick room and disable and a Wobbuffet with encore. First turn, Slowbro uses trick room and Wobbuffet uses encore. Then, Slowbro disables the first victim and Wobbuffet encores the other Pokemon. When trick room is up and both opponents are forced to use struggle, have Wobbuffet spam counter and Slowbro spam psyshock.

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Surf & Absorb Bulb/Storm Drain and co. or Discharge and Cell Battery/Lightningrod and co.

This is a rather easy combo to run, and one if done right can have superb effectiveness. The strategy consists of one Pokemon possessing a move that hits all other Pokemon on the field and can have some beneficial affect for the partner. Its partner, either due to its ability or held item, either gains offensive ability or health as a result.


Surf is a spread move with hefty power and perfect accuracy, making it good on its own. However if used on a Pokemon carrying an absorb bulb, which boosts special attack one stage when hit with a water move, or that has the abilities water absorb, dry skin or storm drain. A partnership akin to this allows one to spam powerful surfs while also allowing for set-up in the fast paced doubles metagame.

Notable Pairings

  • Politoed (with surf and drizzle), and Swift Swim Kingdra with Absorb Bulb
  • Politoed (with surf and drizzle), and Swift Swim Ludicolo with Absorb Bulb
  • Any surf user with Gastrodon (storm drain)
  • Any surf user (preferably drizzle politoed) with Dry Skin Toxicroak


Like surf, discharge is a strong spread move, but it also comes with a good chance of paralysis. Cell Battery serves as the electrical equivalent of Absorb Bulb, with Electric resistant Pokemon holding cell battery as well as non-ground type Pokemon with Motor Drive, Volt Absorb or Lightningrod.

Notable Pairings or Potential Pokemon

- Thundurus-T
- Manectric
- Seaking
- Jolteon
- Electrivire
- Lanturn

- Thundurus-T
- Manectric
- Jolteon
- Lanturn
- Rotom (all forms)
- Magnezone

In general, straegies using surf ten to be more effective, as the move gains further power in rain, regularly supplied by politoed, and in general allows for a little more type diversity (though you may throw a ground type partner in with your discharge abuser if need be.

Great! Thanks!
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Have six Pokemon in ur party and use beat up while holding a dark gem.
Have a Pokemon with overcoat ability and use hail or sandstorm.
A Pokemon with snow cloak ability and have it hold a bright powder. Use hail and keep using double team so they won't hit u.
This are just my suggestions.

Yeah, thing is i play in OU  so evasion stuff is banned...otherwise i would sooo use those combos. Thanks anyway
You're welcome
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(just a short one here)

If you have a phisically offensive Pokémon (e.g. Fighting type) hold a Lum Berry (Persim Berry) and have another Pokémon use Swagger on it it will raise it's attack and cure the confusion.

Also, I don't know much about OU so I don't know if you can use berries and stuff like that so I would apprciate if you would tell me if something is wrong with the answer so I can delete it thanks.

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You could use a Sturdy Shedinja combination w/an Entrainment Pokémon, a Pokémon with the Sturdy ability (I'd prefer Sudowoodo), and Shedinja, and a filler. First, your Entrainment Pokémon uses entrainment on a Pokémon other than your Sudowoodo. Then, your Sudowoodo mimics the Entrainment, so it now has the move. Next, switch your Entrainment Pokémon out for Shedinja, have Sudowoodo entrain Shedinja into having Sturdy. Finally, you got yourself a Sturdy Shedinja who is only weak to weather damage, like Hail or Sandstorm, and status conditions, like Burn and Poisoning.

This is too easily stopped by strong attacks, taunt, and indirect damage, all of which are common in doubles.
Come on, it's just a combo. No need to get negative.
The question did ask for GOOD doubles combos...
Well, I think it's a pretty good combo.