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Are any of these combos any good?

Combo #1
Tauros w/Salac Berry (Anger Point)
Zen Headbut

Throh w/Muscle Band (Mold Breaker)
Mountain Storm
Brick Break
Wide Guard

On the first move, Tauros uses Endure. After that, Throh hits it with Mountain Storm, a move that always scores a critical hit. The critical hit, STAB, and Tauros' weakness not only activate Anger Point (raising its attack to the max), but should also activate his Salac Berry. After the first turn, Throh uses Wide Guard to defend Tauros from the nudges that can knock it out while Tauros obliterates anything in its way.

Combo #2
Exploud w/Wise Glasses (Scrappy)
Hyper Voice

Gliscor w/Toxic Orb (Poison Heal)
Stealth Rock
Ice Fang

Exploud's main purpose is to prevent a setup that's killed me numerous times: Guts-boosted ResTalkers. With Uproar, it prevents the opponent from going to sleep while also, thanks to its huge boost in power in the 5th Gen, using a great STAB. Gliscor, meanwhile, provides a more direct offense against those that resist Exploud's attacks.

Combo #3

Milotic w/Flame Orb (Marvel Scale)
Aqua Ring
Ice Beam

Ludicolo w/Leftovers (Rain Dish)
Leech Seed
Toxic/Grass Knot
Rain Dance

Substitute and Leech Seed + Leftovers & Rain Dish = A dancing pinapple with a serious roach complex. Meanwhile, you've got Milotic. With the Flame Orb burning her, Milotic gains a %50 boost to her defense. The Atk drop doesn't matter because Milotic doesn't use Physical moves, and the health-deduction is rendered less destructive with Aqua Ring while also raising its Atk & Spl. Atk.

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I'm not sure where you got the "raising it's Atk+SpAtk from, as none of synergy #3 have stat boost moves. You're right though, about Ludi with a roach complex.

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Combo #1: To put it simply, this is brilliant! There are some points that I would suggest making. First off, I would forget about the Salac Berry+Endure thing and instead use Substitute with Leftovers. Priority attacks are much too common, as are weather effects (Sand/Hail.) You'll still get the boost even with a Substitute up. For Tauros, I would replace Zen Headbutt with the more useful Rock Slide (not Stone Edge, due to low accuracy and Rock Slide being useful in Double Battles)for better type coverage. Now for Throh. Wide Guard is still useful, so keep it to make Tauros next to invincible. I don't see much use for Brick Break, so replace it with Bulk Up. The point here is hopefully the opponent will be too busy dealing with mega-Tauros to worry about Throh, then... bham! Hit them with an ultra-powerful Mountain Storm. I'd also replace Muscle Band with Life Orb.

Combo #2: Wise Glasses aren't that good. Replace them with Life Orb, so much better. Thing is, you could just use Taunt to stop restalk. Uproar still isn't that great even with the power boost, think a worse version of Petal Dance from Gen 4.

Combo #3: I see nothing wrong here. Although I don't teally think of Double-Battles as a good place to wall, but test it out and see if it works. There is nothing wrong with the move choice (go with Grass Knot.)

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Thanks for the advice. The main reason I wanted Tauros w/Salac Berry was to make sure it could make use of its boost, and I've been associating Substitute with SubSeeding for so long I'd forgotten non-grass Pokemon could even learn it!
Tauros is still amazingly fast even without the boost. If you need more of an assurance, maybe send out Ninjask or Blaziken first and Baton Pass a Speed Boost.