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Well, first you take a pokemon that knows Beat Up but make sure it won't do much damage to the next pokemon.(LikeWhimsicott) Then you take a Terrakion as the next pokemon. Whimsicott uses Beat Up on Terrakion. Since Whimsicott has low attack, it won't do much, but thanks to Terrakion's Justified, each hit from Beat Up would raise Terrakion's Attack 2,4, 6 times! That would make Terrakion from a physical sweeper to a phyical MURDERER!

This is a pretty common parlor trick to do on him. It does work, but not always that great, considering you have two pokemon attacking you at once.


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that sounds good then terrakion could have rock polish instead of S-dance

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Yes that does work , BUT you cant always rely on that theory . There are a few pokemon that could KO Terrakion before it gets to move but thats rare so yea i say nice theory .

But , i feel its not really a question , anyhow good one .

I suggest also making a post on This .

The justified+ Beat up trick is already on that post, no need for it.