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What are the different combos of berries for different mulches?

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Mulch Kee Berry + Maranga Berry.

Boost Mulch Two Berries of the same color

Rich Mulch Three Berries of varied colours

Surprise Mulch Three Berries of the same colour

Apicot Berry Kelpsy Berry + Wacan Berry

Ganlon Berry=Qualot Berry + Tanga Berry

Grepa Berry=Aguav Berry + Figy Berry

Hondew Berry=Aspear Berry + Leppa Berry

Kee Berry=Liechi Berry + Ganlon Berry

Kelpsy Berry=Chesto Berry + Persim Berry

Liechi Berry=Hondew Berry + Yache Berry

Maranga Berry=Salac Berry + Petaya Berry

Petaya Berry=Pomeg Berry + Kasib Berry

Pomeg Berry=lapapa Berry + Mago Berry

Qualot Berry=Oran Berry + Pecha Berry

Salac Berry=Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry

Tamato Berry=Sitrus Berry + Lum Berry

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And when you say "Salac Berry = Grepa + Roseli" do you mean I can make berries with two other berries?

And your source?