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Poliwrath-Water Absorb
-Poison Jab
-Mind Reader
-Dynamic Punch

Vaporeon-Water Absorb
-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump
-Hyper Beam (?)

-Dream Eater
-Dark Pulse (for psychics)

-Dragon Claw
-Giga Impact
-Aqua Tail

Either Leafeon-Leaf Guard or Tangrowth-Leaf Guard
-(solar beam?)
-Sunny day
Leafeon-Leaf Blade, Tangrowth- Power Whip

         - Toxic                          -Wring Out

And for last a fire, but can't decide, probably:
Camerupt-Magma Armor
-Flame Thrower
-Solar Beam (against water)
-Stone Edge


Shadow ball already covers psychics

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Gengar - Find whichever is stronger between Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse, get rid of the other one, find something different.

Vaporeon - I suggest you find something other than Hyper Beam, that often leads to the demise of a Water or a Grass type.

Leafeon/Tangrowth - Solar Beam yes, just don't forget to use sunny day first.

Side Notes - Good choices. I forgot Camerupt could learn Solar Beam, nice one. Camerupt might be it, or MAYBE Magmortar instead. I haven't thought about a move set, or a desirable ability for you though.