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I would like to know if this is a good combination for double battles. I use it a lot and I think it's very effective.

Ability: Own Tempo

Body Slam
Shadow Claw
Dream Eater

Ability: Dry Skin

Poison Jab

I use Swagger on Purugly but because of it's Own Tempo it can't be confused and it's attack goes up high. Then I hit hard with those physical moves.

If you have any suggestions please tell me also


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It's a good strategy, simple, but gets the job done. The only thing is once your foe sees you doing this, they'll go straight for purugly, and will kill it off before you can get in more boosts or do some significant sweeping, so have plenty of support pokemon to help it out, since Purugly is no speed demon. Dream eater, while powerful, is also very situational (not to mention a special move which wouldn't get a boost), so I would switch for a different move for better type coverage.

Thanks, I have my Lucario to back it up with another move strategy. Do you think Aerial Ace might be a better choice than Dream Eater?