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So after I beat the elite four and everything, I was just messing around, then, randomly, out of nowhere, I ran into Articuno. I was really excited because I forgot I could catch one of the legendary bird trio, and then I remembered I had to chase them. The Articuno ran, and I was sad. But then I started chasing it. I looked at the pokedex and everything, but when I got on the route Articuno is on, it ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, goes to another route! I can NEVER catch it! I've been at it for at least an hour now and this has been happening EVERY TIME!!! D:< Can someone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong!?

What I'd recommend is just do random encounters in the same patch of grass or flowers for a while. You'll be sure to encounter Articuno at some point if you do. It's happened to me when I was using the pokeradar. :)

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I have a strategy for this.

  1. Get a Level 65+ Pokemon. It cannot be above 70 though.

  2. Spray Repels in the area. This will only allow Articuno to appear

  3. Walk around, explore all of the area. Check all of the grass in the area. Search until you find the bird.

If this doesn't work, simply turn your 3DS off and on again. If it is still glitched, your game might be permanently glitched.

Hope I helped

Also if you use Fly I believe it will flee to another route. Maybe that's why.
You just need to encounter Articuno so many times an tile Articuna goes to the cave
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After encountering Articuno about 12 times in the wild, you can battle it in the Sea Spirit's Den in Azure Bay. When you see it anywhere else, it will always run away. You cannot catch it at these times. Just count your encounters until you reach 12, and check the Sea Spirit's Den. It's no glitch that it runs away.

Also, Articuno will attack when you go to the center of the room, so always check that when you go.