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In SoulSilver.

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use a Nest ball, but if you have a team of m
agikarps use a level ball

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Obviously the master ball gives you a guaranteed catch, but since you only get one guaranteed master ball, here are some other nominees:

Ultra Ball-Just a Standard good type of pokeball. Always reliable.

Dusk Ball-Worsk great if it's at night, or if you're playing HG/SS, you can get them better since they're in caves (except for Zapdos)

Repeat ball-If you already caught them in a previous version and brought them to your current game, this can work well too.

Quick Ball-Not the best choice, but has good accuracy if you're feeling lucky.

Accuracy? :D
The quick ball: The pokemon can be easily caught if that trainor uses one at the begining incounter with a pokemon.
easier said than done
:) awsome
I caught mewtwo in a quick ball
i caught mew2 in a average pokeball. :)
I caught Galarian Articuno in a Quick Ball
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Use any of these ones.( multiplier based on pokeball. x2 means twice as good as a pokeball)(CR=capture rate)

Master Ball- duh

*Ultra Ball-* x2

Dusk ball- x4 at night or in a cave

Repeat ball- x4 If you have already captured or obtained on of the species you are trying to capture(meaning you transferred one from Platinum or got one through a trade) its CR is x3, if you do not have it, the CR is x1

Quick ball- If used on the first turn its CR is x4, turns 2- whatever are only x1

Timer ball- (turns 1-10 = x1, turns 11-20 = x2, turns 21-30 = x4)

This can only be obtained in G/S/C and HG/SS:

Fast ball- If the wild Pokemon has over 100 Speed the CR is x4, if their speed is under 100 the CR is x1

These ones will work best for you. There are many other that work, but not as well as these.

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at first you said repeat ball was x4, then you said it's x3. which is it?
I understand the 4 and 3
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If you Use these Make sure you Use these:

Ultra Ball-Use at least 5-10 Pokeballs first to make the pokemon Think "hey I guess hes to weak" and then Use the ultra ball

Timer Ball-(I used it on Moltres) Keep using Pokeballs For every round untill he Starts to "strugle" Then use it

Heal Ball-(I've used it after 2 "strugles") make sure He/She Hurts Its self (strugle) Then use it

Timer and Ultra have been my all time favorites and MY most accurite.

Heal ball doesn't have a better catch rate. It just heals the pokemon after the battle, which can be easily done by taking them to the pokemon center, assuming they haven't been sent to the PC.
the bird is part of the game it can't "think" anything
I caught Articuno by using like 8 ultra balls then using a pokeball
i think i got it with an ultra ball on red after like 2 tries