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DISCLAIMER: I'm not even 2% sure if what I am saying is real.

I don't think you will get in trouble. I see many people using them, like favorite pokemon music videos. And these are even by popular youtubers, so there is more chance for people from gamefreak to see it.
I think you actually use copyrighted music, but you won't get in trouble, since many people also upload just that music from Pokémon for other to hear.

Do you have youtube?! Show me a link!
Going to flag this question for now, as it has more to do with copyright than it does Pokemon, however, I'll still provide an answer that I believe is correct here:
I have limited knowledge about copyright, but, as far as I know, yes it would be illegal to take any song and use it for something without permission from the holder of the copyright of that song. However, just because it's illegal doesn't necessarily mean that you WILL have action taken against you, but don't expect it not to be taken against you.
Also, it's worth mentioning that there are a few exceptions in which using copywritten material without direct permission from the holder of said material is legal. The first, and most obvious, is if the owner of the material in question states that it's fine for anyone to use whatever is copywritten. The other situations in which use of copywritten material is legal is when said copywritten material is used for parody or education.
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Yes of course we can still flag. It's in our privileges. Its mostly just so another auth can come look at something.

While this isn't strictly about Pokemon, I'd be willing to give this pass based on the fact that the question surrounds the Pokemon community ('poketubers' or what have you) and the general actions and thought process behind the Pokemon company.

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I read a little bit about this.

First of all, Nintendo owns the copyright of music from their games.

Copyright owners get to decide what happens to videos containing their work. Here are the four different things that are likely to happen if you decide to use copyrighted music on youtube:

  • Blocking a video: Sometimes, copyright owners may block your video, which means people won’t be able to watch it. They can decide to block your video worldwide or just in certain countries.
  • Muting a video: If your video contains copyright-protected music, the owner may choose to mute it. This means that people can still watch your video, but they won’t be able to hear the soundtrack.
  • Blocking certain platforms: Sometimes, copyright owners may restrict the devices, apps, or websites where their content can appear. These restrictions won’t change the availability of your video on YouTube.com.
  • Block monetization: In some cases, you can’t monetize a video that has a Content ID claim. Instead, the copyright owners can choose to monetize your video. But in other cases, like if music is claimed in your video, you may be able to share the advertising revenue with the music’s copyright owners.

Source: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6013276?hl=en

I also read this reddit thread in which people say that nintendo blocked the monetization, so perhaps that's their approach to this.

To answer your question about whether or not you will get copyright striked. It seems like you only will get a "Content ID claim", but if you dispute the claim without a valid reason the content owner may choose to take down your video and your account will get a copyright strike.

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