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By use, I mean when you set your music before battling in the Ultra Sun and Moon Battle Tree.

The special NPCs I am referring to are Wally, Cynthia, Grimly, and Colress. I don't care about the others :P

I know you battle a random one in Super Singles at battle number 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50; however, when I had "Necrozma Version 2" Selected as my battle song, and fought Wally/Colress in my [Recently ended :(] 35 win streak, they played Necrozma Version 2 instead of their theme and I didn't unlock either of their theme in the "Battle Music" menu. Do I have to use the default music against them? Or is there some weird thing where I fight them elsewhere? :P


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Yes, you have to use the default music. When you choose another type of music, it will play that music for every battle tree NPC you battle.

And no, you can't fight them elsewhere. Though Colress makes an appearence in the storyline.

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Cool, thanks :P