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I'm currently 80 win streaks it seems she doesn't appear

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It's pure rng. I don't think there is a way to guarantee facing off against her

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Special Trainers appear only in the Battle Tree's Super Course challenges, during every ten battles. Like with the other Battle Tree Trainers, their teams are randomly selected from a group of Pokémon specifically preset for each of them. All of these Trainers are equally likely to appear except Anabel, who appears only one-seventh as frequently as everyone else.

Considering there's a couple version exclusive special trainers, there is a 1/57 chance every ten battles to encounter Anabel.


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Some of the special trainers are version-exclusive, so it's not that bad. You have a 1/50 chance (counting only the battle numbers ending in 0, other than 50, so an average of 510 battles if you never lose) to get Anabel in SM, or a 1/57 chance in USUM.