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Example: Like how you can find a Beauty Trainer on battle no. 1 but if you play again you'll find a different type of trainer.

How does the game decide which trainer you will battle?

Do not question me.

It's literally just random. There's no possible way we could know exactly what formula the game uses to determine which one it uses, but my guess would be that it assigns a number to all the usable trainer types and then just rngs a number.
Ok, maybe one day this question will be answered.
If it's random, then it should be RNG abuse-able. I know someone did something similar to Emerald.
It is random like everyone said.
Not all randomness is the same. Knowing where random things come from, especially in video games, can make the "random" thing predictable or even let the player control it.
@sumwun, I get it, like how you can find out what a boss' attack pattern is even though it does it in a random order each time.

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It is completely random.
The RNG just gives a random opponent to you.
The only fixed ones are Trainer Red at 20 wins for singles, Trainer Blue at 20 wins for doubles.
Also, every 10 wins, you face a special Trainer in all formats (like Wally, Kiawe, Cynthia). These trainers are tough, and have properly trained Pokemon, unlike the others who usually aren't very powerful and can be beaten easily. They also use Mega Evolutions.
More info online.
Hope I helped!
Source: I have analysed everything in my past one year of battling. Faced the same trainers sometimes, but completely random.

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I'm almost certain that nothing in any Pokemon game is completely random. Most video games do "random" things using pseudo-random number generators, which are predictable math formulas (formulae) that look random only because they're so complicated and fast. Some people, like these: https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/ , study RNGs in Pokemon games. Maybe one day they'll figure out how the Battle Tree works.
Ok, till they figure out the sequence, my answer is perfectly fine. Anyway, there is no easy legitimate way to influence the RNG.
The question never asked for anything easy or anything that can influence the RNG. It only asked how the RNG works.