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So I know what I can use and all
Please include UBs as well


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Here's a list of every Pokemon that isn't allowed

So, according to Bulbapedia, any Legendary that isn't on that list can be used it the battle tree
Source (includes a list of which tiers allow and don't allow "special" Pokemon)

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Thanks. I like the ‘Egg’ at the end’ xD
Than what are all the Legendaries that can be allowed in battle tree
"any Legendary that isn't on that list can be used in the battle tree"
Alright, i also understand that these same rules apply to The Battle Royele Dome as well.
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Nintendo's version of the "Ubers" list can be summarized as "all mythicals (such as Mew), plus all species except Slaking and Regigigas who start out with a base stat total of 660 or higher, plus Cosmog and Cosmoem for some reason, and Necrozma/Zygarde who have non-mega form shifts above the forbidden threshold". For online competitions, the list also includes Ash-Greninja, but for Battle Tree purposes it doesn't, so you can use that just fine if you have one.

After you get more than 40 battles into a streak (or possibly even before then, if you get the extremely rare Anabel sighting), some of the teams you face will include the Tree-legal legendaries, and in fact many of the trainers are configured to have rosters full of nothing but legendaries. Your opponents will never use Tapus, UBs, or Silvally, but all the others that you're allowed to use, can also be used against you.

Thanks. So it is similar to battle maison in ORAS. Which u havent mastered still