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When you enter the Battle Maison, or enter a Wifi Battle, you could select from different music themes to battle to.

  • Music 1 - Trainer Battle Music
  • Music 2 - Wild Pokemon Battle Music
  • Music 3 - Rival Battle Music
  • Music 4 - Gym Battle Music

(If I got that order wrong, please tell me.)

I read a while ago that there were also hidden music tracks such as the Pokemon Champion Theme, and some other tracks that could have been used in battles on the Battle Maison and etc.

Is this true? And if so, how do you unlock these hidden tracks?


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This is true for Wi-Fi battles. For the Battle Maison, you may only select those four.

When you go to battle a friend, if you set the game up, you can also select Music. You start off with four pieces, but as you battle more online, you unlock more pieces of music. This can all be controlled by tapping the bottom screen as you prepare for the battle

You unlock more by battling online. The extra tracks are:

Music 5 Gym Leader Remix (Successor Korrina Battle)
Music 6 Team Flare Battle
Music 7 Lysandre Battle
Music 8 Legendary Battle
Music 9 Kanto Legendary Battle
Music 10 Elite Four
Music 11 Champion Battle

All quotes from this Serebii page.

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