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I have two 3dses (is that how you say it?) and I noticed that when I battle on either of the 3dses then I don't hove any option for either game, I even tested It with another copy of X/Y, the other had the option to change the music yet I still didn't, please help, I am tired of listening to the same music over and over again (also doesn't work in ORAS)

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>When you go to battle a friend, if you set the game up, you can also select Music.

To change the music, you have to battle with somebody registered on your friends list, you also have to be the person hosting the battle. If you haven't already, try registering both of your 3DSes to their friends list and have a battle between the two. The hosting 3DS should be able to change the music, unless you're battling between ORAS and X/Y, in that case, it will only play the X/Y trainer battle music.

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