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This was a question that I asked not so long ago but I realize that I didnt make everything clear. I was wonderiing if there was any program that allowed you to totally switch the music used in-game.

Example: Shoal Cave from OR/AS to GlitchxCity Shoal Cave Remix V.II

Thank you in advance and sorry to those that answered the last question!

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I edited the title to make it different from the last question… tell me if I understood wrong :)
You understood correctly. Thank you!

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I'm not aware of any feature developed by Game Freak or Nintendo to switch the music used in-game in OR/AS.

If there is indeed no such thing, then the integrity of the game software would need to be compromised to achieve what you are looking for. The process of modifying a console game in ways unintended by the original developer is generally referred to as a rom hack.

Making a rom hack or playing one is obviously illegal and is done at the peril of the user's console.

TLDR: No… or maybe if you join the dark side.

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