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I've noticed that X&Y save very quickly, with the exception of when Game Sync is used, whereas HGSS/DPPt seem to save very slowly, in addition to HGSS will sometimes say "saving a lot of data..." as opposed to just "saving...".

I've tried the DS games on both my DS and 3DS and they take about the same time to save; is there any known reason for this? I just want to make my game save faster...

If there isn't a known reason, I'll hide this.

There is a pretty simple and obvious reason, the technology is alot more advanced now than it was 3-4 years ago.
Eh, I thought it was probably that, but I just wanted to know if there was any other reason. I thought that with the amount of content that X&Y had, the save time would be similar.

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It's because the hardware of the game cartridge isn't as advanced for HGSSDPPPT as it is for XY. This is also why BWBW2 saves way faster than the Gen IV Games.

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"saving a lot of data" comes up instead of "saving" whenever you catch a new pokemon or use the pc to switch pokemon.  i figure it's more of they came up with a more efficient method of storing the data than a hardware advance for why the newer games save faster.