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I got my Pokemon X one week ago but my favorite Pokémon are on my Pokémon Black Version for Nintendo DS, how can I transfer them?

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You will have first download Pokebank and Poke transporter from the 3ds eshop. Then,Launch your Pokemon Black, not the Transporter app, and fill up Box 1 in your PC with the Pokemon you wish to move into X/Y. Unfortunately, the Transporter will only acknowledge Box 1.
Now that your Pokemon are in Box 1, save your game and exit. Launch the Poke Transporter with your Pokemon black still physically inserted in your system, and you'll be asked to transfer those Pokemon to the Bank's Transport Box temporarily.
exit the Transporter app. While on the 3DS home screen, remove your copy of Black/White or Black 2/White 2 and insert (but don't start) Pokemon X/Y. Now, you'll want to start the Bank app. Finally,once you confirm that you want the Bank to access X/Y, you'll see a familiar sight with Box 1 from X/Y on the lower screen and Bank 1 on the top screen. Scroll the cursor up to the Bank 1 label and press left -- this will take you to that Transport Box containing the Pokemon transferred in via the Poke Transporter.
If you till have some confusion then read more about this here and here or you can watch this video.

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You need to use Pokebank and Poketransfer. It's 5USD a year to store up to 3000 Pokemon online.

You can pay by either credit card or by a Nintendo e-shop card.


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You're going to need Pokémon Bank, an App built for Storing and Transferring Pokémon from different games. You'll need one 3DS(Already Have) A Copy of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2, A Copy of Pokémon X or Y and Pokémon Bank and Poke Transporter.

First, download Pokémon Bank(If you can't connect to the Internet to use the Nintendo eShop, connect to the Internet in the System Settings). There is a Yearly fee of $5.00 to use it, not a bad fee.

Then download Poké Transporter, an add on to Pokémon Bank. Start up Pokémon Bank ONCE and go through the set up with the App. once you've done that, start up Poké Transporter.

Take OUT Pokémon X, then plug in Black. Go through with the Transfer, HOWEVER you need to use the first Box in the PC like Box 1. Once Transferred, they cannot be transferred back!Your Pokémon will be in the Transfer Box on Pokémon Bank.

After that, put your Transferred Pokémon into your Copy of Pokémon X and you are set!

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