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So, I got a Midnight Purple 3DS from GameStop. I used to have a DS Lite on which I played Pokemon Black. However, I never had an internet account for purchasing any games/Download Play, and have only connected a few times with local DS systems such as my sister and my school friends.

Upon receiving my 3DS, I put in my Black cartridge (this was before inserting any SD Card or my new Omega Ruby cartridge). It worked perfectly fine. I need to know, now that I have both an SD Card and Omega Ruby, whether it would still work. I am considering moving my team to PokeBank and I don't want to mess up any of my save files.


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Yes, it's okay to play the older DS games in a 3DS, it will not mess anything up.

Source: Experience

Tried switching out cartridges, works great! No errors at all. Thank you so much, I've been worrying over this for months!
Black 2 was fine for me