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I’m just asking cause I have Pokémon alpha sapphire and Pokémon sun versions and the game is packed with max level legendary and awesome moves and what not I’d like to not loose in upcoming games and such anyone have any idea of what I can do or what they plan to do to make this possible?

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There is nothing to plan. Except for IF you COULD transfer to the Switch, it'll probably cost money. So you should save some cash.

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It is impossible to send Pokémon from SM/USUM or earlier games (excluding Pokémon GO) to Let’s Go. We don’t yet have any confirmation on whether or not Sword/Shield will be backwards compatible. However, I personally am inclined to believe that they will allow Pokémon from at least SM/USUM to transfer over, and probably LGPE as well.

The question is how. Possibly a new enhanced version of Pokémon Bank will be released for the Nintendo Switch, and transferring would go from the Bank account on a 3DS to a Bank account on Switch, and then from the Switch Bank to SW/SH. There could be limitations set, one box at a time, requiring the Gen 7 "white seal", etc, but I can see it happening. Please, please, GF, don't do what you did in Gen 3 again...