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So one day when I was playing Let's Go Eevee, I had found a shiny Zubat. After evolving it into Golbat I decided to transfer the Golbat into my Pokemon Sword save file. I knew it was a friendship evolution so I gave it a Soothe Bell and played with it. I noticed after a while that it had all 5 hearts that I would need to evolve it, so I exited Pokemon camp and the shiny Golbat did not evolve. What do I do next to get into a Crobat? Can I even evolve the Golbat from Let's Go Eevee? (the Golbat is level 100 btw)

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I don't think it will ever evolve if it's level 100

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A new mechanic was introduced in Sword and Shield that allows you to evolve Pokemon at level 100. You simply give the Pokemon a Rare Candy. It will not increase a level, but it will evolve.

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Really? Thank God!

I've been waiting for that mechanic.
Oh cool, never knew that!