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To elaborate, for example if I have a 3ds xl and a ds , when I play Pokemon platinum in the ds and save it and put the game in the 3ds xl and start the game,will I have the same save file or is the save data in the system itself? Also is it possible to trade between a ds and a 3ds xl? And can I do poke transfer with the help of a ds and 3ds xl? And finally will I be able to trade between different versions(eg:Gen IV with Gen V)?Thanks.


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You can play it on the 3ds and still have the same save file. You can't directly trade from platinum to X/Y, you first have to trade from Platinum to BW/BW2 and then use Poketransfer.

Poketransfer is a one way process(if I recall correctly), once you transfer to X/Y you cannot transfer back.

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So I can trade from Platinum to BW2?
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Same save file in the game, if you take platinum out of the ds and put it in the 3ds xl you will have the same save file from when you saved it on the ds.
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And yes, you could trade Pokemon between these 2 systems.
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I will answer your questions according to their order.

The save file is on the game card. So your Platinum save file will be ok.
or Black 2/White 2 in the 3ds and then use Poketransfer.

Yes it is possible to trade between 3ds and ds but only if the game is not 3ds exclusive.

You don't need a ds to use Poketransfer. All you need to do is put your Black/White or Black 2/White 2 in the 3ds and then use Poketransfer.

Hope I helped!

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I think your confusing Poke-transfer with Poke transporter(Gen 5-6)
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You can't trade between different generations, because in the later ones there are different Pokemon and different items that they could be holding. If a game receives an item or Pokemon that isn't programmed to exist on the game, the game would go wrong.

Even if its a Pokemon holding an item on say gen 5 that both exist on gen 4 you still can't send them back generations.