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I know that there was asked about a 2 3ds trade but what about the fire red that might be on the ds lite? Can I be able to trade with a 2ds to a ds or other way around? (added on) Like this IF I had Crystal on a 2DS and I have a Fire Red on the DS Lite. Can this trade work?

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So, are you asking if you can trade from a 2ds to a DS, or from FireRed on the DS lite to another game on a 3DS, or something else?
Yes I have both systems but never tried it out. What is stopping me for going this test is that its two different system that will not read each other but I only know is that if I move any pokemon it would be from DS lite to 3DS though Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2.
You were asked which question you're asking, and you replied 'yes'.
Fizz I was talking to Felix now I am talking to you. So yes was what I answer Felix who ask me something...so read everything before you make a comment that really is not what I was saying. I still don't know if it would work.
the question i was asking wasnt really a yes or no question my man
Did you really just ask Fizz to read everything? Lmao
Whoa yeah. Also, Fizz is very much correct, YOU should’ve read what Felix wrote, instead of correcting Fizz, who was right.

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I think you are asking if you can make a trade from your 2ds to your Ds lite. If so, then yes, but not with the games your playing. First of all, Fire red is gen 3 and Crystal is gen 2. You cannot trade with games of a different generation. That's what transferring is for. But, say if you had two gen 4 games or two gen 5 games, then yes, they should be able to trade with each other on those two consoles if they are in very close proximity

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I thought Gen 3 was just Ruby Sapphire and emerald I didn't think FireRed and LeafGreen was part of gen 3 even though it was a retelling of the first generation Pokemon game
FR/LG are part of generation 3, yes. Doesn't matter that they're remakes.