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i can't figure it out

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OK it wont let me post an answer but here it goes my brother knows all about this:
Pokemon Black2 And White2 are availible For both 3ds and Ds Lite (regular) You may instal an app for the three ds where you may get the Therian Forme's For tornadus,landourus,and thunderous. And the  Resolution Form for Keledo. Hope this help

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Any DS
BUT On 3DS only, you can get the new forms of Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus, as well as the new Keldeo(Likely). These are not available to DSi/DS.

The game is also region-locked on the DSi/3DS but not on DS/DS Lite.

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Oh ok i dont really want to get the alternate forms of tornadus thunderus or landorus because they look ridiculous
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Basically, they are both compatible with any type of DS. (Hope This Helps!) :)

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Actually, I can answer this for sure. Nintendo Power has said that they will be a DS release. Meaning they will be able to be played on any DS.

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