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Here I go again, with RNG. Since my brother went to college with his DS, I only have my 3DS and my DSI. I need to RNG or whatever for something, and I need to know if you can do it successfully on the 3DS or DSI. Also, I need to know if it is doable on Black 2 and White 2. If so, is it anything different?

In case you didn't know, RNG manipulation is the process where you may control your game's RNG, or (pseudo) random number generator. By doing some math, it may be completely predictable, and you may get Pokemon that you can't exactly normally get in certain circumstances. Pokemon like with perfect IVs and Shiny Pokemon. That is my crappy explaination. :P

EDIT: Please list version of RNG reporter for doing so.

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I heard that a lot of people have difficulties using RNG on DSi and 3DS, but I know it's doable on 3DS (not sure about DSi).
I know that on the 3DS, but I see a lot of people do that on a Mac, I need to know PC too. So far I haven't seen the PC ones.
What is RNG? I could try answer? x3
Meh, go look it up. I'm lazy. I've done this at least 20 times, but I can't explain it.


I've looked on there, and I've tried once, and punched the wall trying, but I need a surefire answer, since I don't have time to waste. Plus, I've seen some people do it on the 3DS, not DSI, and the 3DS people have Macs, I have a PC. There is a problem there. You need an RNG reporter to do it, and the RNG reporter is different on the Mac, and the PC is different too.
I'm making a guess but probably 3ds but not dsi. And yes for both games, I guess.

Hope this helps(ish)

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RNG Reporter 9.96.5 is the latest version. It is doable on the 3DS and DSi and it is doable on Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 but I've heard a lot of people having difficulties with it.

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RNG is possible on DSI. I tried it myself (without succes though but it is possible on a DSI.