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i want to know if I would have to buy a 3ds to play X and Y.


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You have to buy the 3DS to play X and Y.
Part of nintendo's brilliant plan to leech money from their consumer's.

Waiting for the inevitable internet goer who takes Mr. K seriously and then says that he agrees with this statement.

Oh, and there are many locations where you can save in Lumiose City. It's just a bug, which pretty much every game has. Remember this game called Skyrim, pretty much a huge thing a while back? It's hard to take a single step without that game bugging out on you (hyperbole, but it had a hell of a lot of bugs).
Skyrim had more bugs than Viridian Forest.

so true
I don't know why people complain about Nintendo leeching money. They make a good game and people complain. They make a bad game and people complain. They make a so-so game and people complain. Life's too short to whine your way through it. Save money and enjoy the products that people worked hard to make.
FALSE. It's the longest thing you do
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You need a Nintendo 3DS, 3DSxl, or a 2DS.

A 2DS is considerably cheaper, but won't have the 3D function.