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This was what made me ask this. Especially the part about Flawless IV's and shiny on one wild Poke in a game.


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Well, first of all, you need a DS (prefered DS Lite or DS) and a Cartridge game, gen 3 or higher.

Second, you need an RNG Reporter. You can look it up in Google to get the download

Okay, so, I like to start with the Pokemon Ditto in 5th gen. I'll use that as an example. So, load up the RNG Reporter. Then Press the button called Find DS Parameters, BW.

Before you begin parameters, you must have an empty space in your party, a Sweet Scenter, and Pokeballs. Make sure to save in a place where you can catch high leveled Pokemon, at least Level 40. Also no fog. Yet.

  1. So, you first Press the Button, and then fill in the info on the side bar. Poke around on your DS system settings to find that stuff.
  2. Load up your game and and fill in the time and date on the DS system when you booted up the game. MAKE SURE TO NOT TOUCH THE DS WHEN IN THE LOADING SCREEN!!! Skip once the gamefreak logo star crashes. Once you are in, quickly open the menu and Choose Sweet Scent. Catch the Pokemon you encounter. Go to the Reporter and Press the find IVs. Then enter all that info.
  3. Don't fill the seed, and set the held buttons to none.
  4. Search and boom, you should get some results.
  5. Create the profile, and then you are ready to RNG!!!

http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/989552-pokemon-black-version/62045428 Check this to get rid of fog in Giant Chasm.

Step 2: Make sure to have 2 empty spaces in party, and to read that guide ^. Pokeballs and Sweet Scent.

K, now on to seriousness. Load up the RNG Reporter and do Time Finder in 5th Gen. Make sure you are on the capture tab, and fill in the info Min/Max Frame 0, Wild Pokemon encounter. Check all months. Encounter slots: http://eggmove.com/encounterblack.html for Black. Leave the stuff on the right empty, it will give more results. Right now, we are doing flawless Ditto (for future RNG breeding) so fill in the IV box 31 to all of them. Check your profile in the main menu and choose None 1,2,3 Keypress. Now click generate.

Wait a bit, some results should come up.

  1. Save in giant chasm and perform the weather trick up top. Now set the time on your DS according to the seed.
  2. Load up the game, and this time, press the keys and hold them till the gamefreak star crashes if you were told to do so. Once you are in, quickly open up the menu and choose Sweet Scent. If you did this right, you should have a Ditto. If not, that is okay, try again (remember to set the date!).
  3. To prove if the Ditto is flawless: https://www.pokecheck.org/ or the Nimbasa city guy.

Well, you've successfully done your first RNG!!! Now, you can move onto more advanced stuff, like PIDRNG (shiny and nature) plus breeding (use that ditto!) If you want a full guide on how to do that, click here for the ultimate source!!!.

Hope I helped!!! :D

If you have any questions, please comment. And this guide is for PC. If you want to know MAC, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ki0yvFx2bs
And I'm sure you can find others. :)

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This is AWESOME! Thank you soo much!
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Smogon has a guide for it (for Gen V), and it explains this way better than I can ever hope to.

Part 1
Part 2

This is a bit of a non-answer with just 2 links, but hey, it's better than me trying to explain, failing, and causing misunderstanding.

I'm typing up a full guide. :P